1. Total Factor Productivity Change in China's Farming Sector: 1952-1989

    Guanzhong James Wen;
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  2. Regional total factor energy efficiency: An empirical analysis of industrial sector in China

    Zhao-Hua Wang; Hua-Lin Zeng; Yi-Ming Wei; Yi-Xiang Zhang;
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  3. The Total and Appliance-Specific Conditional Demand for Electricity in the Household Sector

    Michael Parti; Cynthia Parti;
    被引用次数:99 时间:1980 导出 [打开HTML->sci-hub]
  4. A Total Real Asset Planning System

    L. J. Merville; L. A. Tavis;
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  5. Strategic Total Highway Asset Management Integration

    Milos Posavljak; Susan Tighe; Jerry Godin;
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  6. Total Cost Differentials in the Nonprofit Sector

    R. Emanuele;
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  7. Total embodied energy requirements and its decomposition in China's agricultural sector

    Shuyan Cao; Gaodi Xie; Lin Zhen;
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  8. Total Portfolio Factor, Not Just Asset, Allocation

    Robert Bass; Scott Gladstone; Andrew Ang;
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  9. Total Return Strategies for Multi-Asset Portfolios

    Ulf Herold; Raimond Maurer; Michael Stamos; Huy Thanh Vo;
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  10. Conjugate localized enhancement of total electron content at low latitudes in the American sector

    J.C. Foster; A.J. Coster;
    被引用次数:28 时间:2007 导出 [打开HTML->sci-hub]
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